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E13- interview with Guillaume – talk2learn / chatcast / Guillaume’s English podcast


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Guillaume’s English podcast

chatcast.chGuillaume's English Podcast

Podcasts Guillaume recommends to learn English with:

Luke’s English podcast
Zdenek’s English Podcast

Podcasts hosted on Guillaume’s website

Learning With Myself (José from Chile)

Chriss English Podcast (Chris from Mexico)


This is a very special moment to me.

In this episode, I am joined by the great English learner Guillaume from Switzerland, he comes from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, whereas I myself come from the German speaking part.
As I mentioned this is indeed a very special moment because Guillaume was one of a few people who inspired me quite a lot. Back at the time when the idea came up for the first time to create my fluent podcast, I came across his website talk2learn and I saw how he was building up a whole English learning community. I was just overwhelmed.

By the way, it gets pretty interesting in Switzerland when it comes to all the different languages and dialects. To be honest I like that quite a lot. If you really want, you can have a lot of exposure to different languages and dialects over here. But I should probably cover that topic in an entire  (separate) episode of myfluentpodcast.

Alright, Guillaume, creator of the website talk2learn, the chatcast and Guillaume’s English podcast as well, agreed to get interviewed . So we met at a coffee.

I think I have never spoken in English for such a long time in my entire life!
There is a bit of ambient noise in the background though but I hope you can enjoy anyway!
So let’s listen to Guillaume and his different language projects:

!Unfortunately, the interview is not transcribed!

So that’s it for today. I was very happy I could meet with Guillaume and interviewing him. He has very good ideas.

That’s exactly the direction I want to go with my fluent podcast. It’s not a monolog at all. It’s more of building a community. And that’s I think the same think Guillaume wants to reach.

It is so valuable to share ideas and tips and tricks and get in touch with motivated language learners. Hopefully, I can meet Guillaume very soon and discuss things.

Nevertheless, after this very long day, I looked forward to my bed. So after the interview, I headed back home. But – first I had to travel by train.

SBB announcing.

So, I sipped on my cappuccino and thought about new plans for my fluent podcast. I relistened to our interview and analyzed our spoken words.

I’m your host, the language learner Daniel Goodson. Have a good one.
And don’t forget to go to and sign up to the mailing list.

End of the episode

If you want to be interviewed by me and have a great learning story to share (whether you are a native or an English learner), contact me on :

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  • Good job Daniel! I’ve enjoyed this episode. Yes, it seems very common not to like your own voice. I wonder why.

  • Nice episode, i left my comment on another page where you shared with me another episode time ago, hey if you need any help with wordpress i’ll be glad to help you 🙂 if you need to install and customize a theme i’m here


      Hey Chriss!
      Thanks a lot for your comments! That would be awesome if you could help me out. I am kind of a noob when it comes to building a web page! As you can probably see, I have installed a new theme but I don’t know what is possible now with all the customization and stuff. Big shout out to Mexico!

      Daniel from Switzerland

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  • Thank you very much Daniel to give me the opportunity to be featured in your podcast. It was a pleasure to meet you.
    Keep your motivation like this 😉

    • Daniel

      Thank you very much. It was a great evening!