E14 – I am a bit rambling


In this episode, I want to see if I am able to just speak about anything that comes more or less into my mind.

Can I maintain an easy speech?

I started out back in April. I most of the part used transcripts to help me through an episode. This time – it is quite different.

Wrap up of my fluent podcast:

Episode 1 – learning through TV Series and Movies – Netflix
Episode 4 – Making mistakes and learn from them
Episode 5 – read out loud
Episode 7 – audiodrama for more fluency
Episode 10 – poison island – read out loud for libriVox
episode 13 – interview with Guillaume – talk2learn / chatcast / Guillaume’s English podcast

Introduction episode – my fluent podcast / my speaking journey finally begins

Songs on this podcast:

01. Up All Night (01:59) by Lee Rosevere

09. Where the river run (04:26) from Kets

  • Very good improvisation, you should do more episode like this 🙂

    • Daniel

      Thanks Guillaume! Ok I will try to do more episodes of this kind in the future!