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My fluent podcast – my speaking journey finally begins


Learn languages with an language learner. The most important thing is to start out and speak as much as possible… That’s why I started out with my fluent podcast. I speak in my target language English and I share all my tips and tricks with you which are going to help you with your target language.

I am also learning French, Spanish and Italian. My mother tongue is Swiss German.

You can compare this very first episode with one of my rather newer ones like E31 – record yourself to get fluent in any language.

You may also have a listen to an interview on E28 which I conducted with Luke Thompson from Luke’s English podcast or check the episode E16 with Kris Broholm from
My language journey on my fluent podcast began back in about april 2016. You can read what I could gain by producing these podcast episodes in this article.

The main goal on this journey is to become fluent in our target language. Together we are stronger! We langauge enthusiasts should stick together more often and help each other out!

If you have any suggestions for future episodes or if you want to be part of the podcast get in touch with me: