E37 – interview with Zdenek from Zdenek’s English podcast PART 1


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6.15 minutes: the Crazy podcast (a former podcast Zdenek made)

Episode 170 – Luke Back on ZEP (part 5 – analysis)

Other podcast episodes of Zdenek’s English podcast with the topic “Taking the Delta”

Episode 152 – Taking the Delta (part 1- Introduction)

Episode 153 – Taking the DELTA (part 2 – Input Sessions)

Zdenek is talking about the DELTA interview which he needed to pass in order to be accepted for the DELTA course

and about what a typical DELTA day looked like for him, and his feelings of trials and tribulations during the DELTA input sessions and how it contrasted with his university years.

Episode 154 – Taking the DELTA (part 3 – LSA1)

How did Zdenek did his first important assessed lesson?
What do you have to do to pass an LSA?
What does LSA even stand for?

Episode 155 – Taking the DELTA (part 4 – the Rest of the Course)

Zdenek tries to describe his feelings during this super intense full-time course for English teachers which he took in summer 2016. This episode is the core of the whole series.

This episodes involves some explicit language so I do not recommend it to listener who are under 15 years old.

Episode 156 – Taking the DELTA (part 5 – The Verdict)

In this episode you will find out whether Zdenek passed Module 2 of the DELTA Module 2 or not.
Does he has some reservations about the DELTA Course and if so, what are they?

Episode 157 – Taking the DELTA (part 6 – The Interviews)

the concluding episode of Taking the DELTA series.

His impression of the Module 1 Exam. This is followed by my sincere apology.
a large chunk of 4 interviews which was recorded on the last days of the DELTA course.
This gives you a unique chance to listen to his 4 classmates who also took the course.

How do they evaluate the course?
Would they recommend the DELTA course?
How did they feel during the DELTA course? What was the hardest about it?
And most importantly how the hell did they all manage to survive this?



Zdenek’s interviewed Luke from Luke’s English podcast:

LEP on ZEP – My recent interview on Zdenek’s English Podcast


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