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E32 – mix up a song to learn vocabulary



For those who know me and have already listened to a different episodes of mine

won’t be surprised of this episode. It’s rather an experimental episode – again and I’m looking forward to it. I hope so you as well because on my podcast I investigate different methods to become more fluent or to become fluent in any languages. And this time I’m trying to reach this goal with the help of my recording software called AUDACITY. And with the help of music and creativity. And of course with the

help of my favorite podcaster called Luke Thompson. Hopefully he will not sue me. He won’t take me to court. I will see. So buckle up and let’s get started.

And also if you have caught up on the recent ones don’t forget that there are loads of other episodes in the archive that you might not have heard yet and that you might want to listen to. If you are suffering from Lepperholism and you just can’t get enough. So if you’re suffering from withdrawal symptoms then check out the Leperholism and you just can’t get enough.

So if you’re suffering from the suffering in the man also. And also. Let. Up on. Any just cause and they know up all the.

So if you have the resources to get there are loads of other you to. And. If you are suffering from. It and you just can’t get enough. Suffering from withdrawal.

So finally it’s all about being engaged with the language. And this was just a stupid example of mine but I liked it though. To be honest. And above all I had really fun. I think it works. We could put for example specific phrasal verbs into a song and then listen and relisten to the song in order to make it stick better. And why not be creative in the learning process. So basically what you could take away from this episode are the

following things: So first off don’t take it too seriously even though you want to become fluent in any language you can do it in a funny way. You can take your time. Don’t try to become fluent in three months. Well of course you can.

If you really want but be aware that you said yourself smart goals and this method actually could be considered as an enhanced version of the shadowing method. If any of you have ever heard of it in a nutshell shadowing is just mimic another person to improve in your target language. Well all right. Well there’s an Hans version requires at least a little bit of knowledge. I’m aware of it but I’m quite sure that

most of you will handle that and will figure out using the recording software which is available for free while at least the application I am using called AUDACITY is the software I’m using for the production of my fluent podcast. So and you may ask yourself why the heck is Daniel using exactly these phrases for this experiment. Leperholism Yeah exactly. Luke it’s because of the

single word Leperholism I came across this fantastic word that Luke Thompson created and I got intrigued and I’m going to tell you what it means.

Well actually it’s a neologism. Well probably it could become neologism one day a neologism is according to Wikipedia a relatively recent or isolated term word or phrase that maybe in the process of entering common use

But that has not yet been fully accepted into mainstream language while an upper holism consists of two parts. First off the first three letters L E P and that stands for Luke’s English podcedt cost and normally on his podcast when he talks about his listeners. He uses the term lobster and even in the forum all the listeners use this term I find this kind of funny.

And here in our case leperholism there is of course the second part holism which you know of course from another word like alcoholism. So basically it’s a word created to describe the state of a lepster or a listener of Luke’s English podcast who is addicted to this podcast. And as you may have noticed here in this episode I am a bit sneaky because it seems that this episode smells of covered advertising so now it shine

through that I am a fanboy. I am guilty.

I hope you could learn something. At least I could. Now I I know what a neologism is and I know how to pronounce in the archive and probably you will switch in or turn in again here on my journey on my podcast because probably you can’t get enough!? Well I hope so at least. And I would be very glad.

And also if you have caught up on the recent ones. Don’t forget that there are loads of other episodes in the archive that you might not have heard and that you might want to listen to.

If you are suffering from leperholism and you******I guess I need more practice.

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Recording software Audacity
Free music archive (the place to find your music)

Luke’s English Podcast

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