E06- You should set smart goals

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If this is your first time, if you are just joining this language journey


Thanks for tuning in.

I appreciate you are listening to me.

I’m Daniel Goodson. The language Doctor.
No – I’m just kidding. I’m not a doctor. I’m a language learner as you are.

We are in the same boat! And together we will reach our goals easier! Because together we are stronger. You know what I am saying?

Whether you want to learn English or Spanish or maybe Japanese or even another exotic language – it doesn’t really matter which language you’re learning. In any case, with my fluent podcast you are definitely on the right route.

And I intentionally used the word “easier” and avoided the word “quicker”. I did not say “we will reach our goals quicker. Insted, I said: we will reach our goals easier.”

I give you the explanation here:
I don’t want to become fluent in a specified time. For me, there is no reason for that. Maybe you came across different books or courses, in which the goal was to become fluent in a year or in 3 month.
But you know what: that is not my thing because I am not in a rush!
For me this is kind of a long term goal. A long journey which I really enjoy. And I want to dig deep and learn the language very well. I recommend you to do so as well.
I am a life long learner and happy about that.

By creating my fluent podcast I want to improve my English and at the same time, I want to share all my learning experiences with you.

A win–win situation. Sounds good to me.

The next themed episode is almost ready. The episode is in the pipeline. And it is going to be awesome! That I can promise!
It’s about Audio books, to be more precise: it’s about audio dramas.
I really dig audio dramas! It reminds me of the good old times when I was a child. I used to listen to the 3 investigators or in German it would be die drei Fragezeichen.

Or in Swiss German it would be : ….die drei Fragezeichen. (I used Swiss German pronunciation, but in real Swiss German it would be “die dri Fragezeichu”)

Could you hear the subtle difference? in Swissgerman I have a different intonation than in German.

In any case, back in the day, I could listen to an audio cassette all night long. Ow that was fun.

But here comes the real bummer: unfortunately, I have only 4 mb left of my storage space. That’s why I can’t talk to you very long in this episode and why I will publish the audio drama episode later. I know… Shame on me Daniel Goodson!

I don’t want to bother you too much about the technical stuff behind my podcast.

But I tell you that:

-You need to set yoursel goals.
-You need smart goals.

And that’s actually what I did by signing up to the 50Mb plan. (unfortunately, in the podcast you can’t hear the ending “ing”)
I’ve set the goal to publish 50 mb a month. That’s about 45 minutes of speaking. Depending on the quality of the mp3 file you choose.
That way I wanted to ensure that I really would be engaged. But now, it turned out that things went quite well and It makes fun to produce this podcast. And I even produced in Italy without having any computer at my disposal.

Its actually already the second time where I kind of fall into the trap. Meaning where I haven’t enough space left at the end of a month.
I had to cut things out from my previous episodes and believe me that hurt a lot.

What tells us that?
Maybe it’s time to adjust the goal?
What do you think?

I will rethink about that in the future.

I’m your Doctor – I mean host, Daniel Goodson, Have a good one!