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E32 – mix up a song to learn vocabulary

download Transcript 00:00:00 For those who know me and have already listened to a different episodes of mine 00:00:07 won’t be surprised of this episode. It’s rather an experimental episode – again and I’m looking forward to it. I hope so you as well because on my podcast I investigate different methods to become more fluent or to become fluent …

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#4 – to be on the radar

Listen to “#4 on the radar” on Spreaker. download For more information visit: the great podcast show called note to self:

E19 – how I learn vocabulary part 1

download   In this episode you are going to learn about one of my vocab learning methods   1. Pick a source from where you want to learn vocabulary wisely 2. Download the mp3 file 3. Enjoy and listen to the audio material 4. While listening or at the second listen -> Put bookmarks at the position you want to …