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E32 – mix up a song to learn vocabulary

download Transcript 00:00:00 For those who know me and have already listened to a different episodes of mine 00:00:07 won’t be surprised of this episode. It’s rather an experimental episode – again and I’m looking forward to it. I hope so you as well because on my podcast I investigate different methods to become more fluent or to become fluent …

E26 – book club to boost your language skills to the next level

download Do you know an online book club? Have you had any experience with book clubs? Have you ever participated on a book club online? Please, send me an e-mail ( 00:00:00 Welcome to my fluent podcast learn from and with an English learner. Wait a minute this is not MY fluent podcast this is YOUR fluent podcast Daniel. This …

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E21 – don’t compare yourself with other learners

download If you want to have a listen to the different, very interesting anecdotes, told my English learners: Here’s the RSS feed for the whole anecdote competition You find all the show notes of Luke’s episode about the anecdotes below: 387. LEP Anecdote Competition Entries – Please Listen & Vote