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#4 – to be on the radar

Listen to “#4 on the radar” on Spreaker. download For more information visit: the great podcast show called note to self:

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E21 – don’t compare yourself with other learners

download If you want to have a listen to the different, very interesting anecdotes, told my English learners: Here’s the RSS feed for the whole anecdote competition You find all the show notes of Luke’s episode about the anecdotes below: 387. LEP Anecdote Competition Entries – Please Listen & Vote

E20 – interview with Piotr from Poland – transcribing / transcript collaboration

download Piotr handles the  Transcript collaboration at Luke’s English podcast in terms of technical things like setting up the google document for the transcripts and so on. He has also created the tutorial “how to transcribe audio and video effectively”on  youtube). If you liked the interview,  see also the interviews below: E28– interview with Luke Thompson from Luke’s English podcast …

E19 – how I learn vocabulary part 1

download   In this episode you are going to learn about one of my vocab learning methods   1. Pick a source from where you want to learn vocabulary wisely 2. Download the mp3 file 3. Enjoy and listen to the audio material 4. While listening or at the second listen -> Put bookmarks at the position you want to …