E15 – voice message – how do you learn new vocabulary?

download In this episode I make a call to action. How do you learn new vocabulary? You can leave me a message on my website and tell me 1. your name 2. where you come from 3. which method you are using You can use this link: http://www.myfluentpodcast.com/feel-free-to-ask-me-a-question/

E14 – I am a bit rambling

download In this episode, I want to see if I am able to just speak about anything that comes more or less into my mind. Can I maintain an easy speech? I started out back in April. I most of the part used transcripts to help me through an episode. This time – it is quite different. Wrap up of …

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E13- interview with Guillaume – talk2learn / chatcast / Guillaume’s English podcast

Download Show notes Websites: Talk2learn.ch Guillaume’s English podcast Chatcast Podcasts Guillaume recommends to learn English with: Luke’s English podcast Zdenek’s English Podcast Podcasts hosted on Guillaume’s website talk2learn.ch: Learning With Myself (José from Chile) Chriss English Podcast (Chris from Mexico) Transcript This is a very special moment to me. In this episode, I am joined by the great English learner …