MFP – My neighbours on Stitcher

Download To be honest, I’m not happy about my speaking practice during this week. I almost neglected my speaking training. Nevertheless, in this episode, I talk about my neighbours on stitcher as: Learning Spanish fast Daily easy English Let’s master English Frenchblabla 6 minutes English It’s normal to have some setbacks when it comes to learning a new language. It …

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MFP – 5 fresh, dirty tips to boost your speaking skills

Download In this episode, I’m going to give you 5 fresh, dirty tips how you could boost your speaking skill to the next level. 1. set up your own podcast. 2. start your own language project and set up a bilingual podcast with the help of a language exchange partner.( 3. use technology wisely 4. build strong habits 5. don’t …

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My fluent podcast – listen and repeat

Download In this second episode of my fluent podcast, I explain how I train my English speaking or/and pronunciation abilities. Therefore, as much exposure to the target language as possible is key. Sometimes, you should focus on particular words or phrases from an audio source. The “smart repeat” application for Android will help you to focus. I’m still not sure …