learn with and from a language learner

E40b – what does it mean to be fluent in a language?
E40 – Don’t be ashamed of your accent
e39 – practice makes king
E38 – interview with Zdenek from Zdenek’s English podcast PART 2
E37 – interview with Zdenek from Zdenek’s English podcast PART 1
E36 – vocabulary acquisition by watching series – English phrasal verbs
E35 – how does one get good at listening?
E34 – how to overcome language motivation problems
E33 – is reading aloud helpful?
E32 – mix up a song to learn vocabulary
E31 – record yourself to get fluent in any language
E30 – culture and habits at work
E29 – motivation problems / chatcast / Argentina
E28 – interview with Luke Thompson from Luke’s English podcast
E27 – polyglot Kamila shares tips and tricks
E26 – book club
E25 – learning French in Finland
E22 – musixmatch – learn languages by reading lyrics on your mobile phone while listening to the songs
E21 – don’t compare yourself with other learners (instead, focus on your own language journey)
E20 – interview with Piotr from Poland – transcribing / transcript collaboration
E19 – how I learn vocabulary part 1
E18 – how other listeners learn vocab part 2
E17 – how other listeners learn vocab part 1
E16– interview with Kris Broholm
E15how do you learn new vocabulary? Please leave me a voice message
E14 – I am rambling
E13 – interview with Guillaume / talk2learn.ch / Guillaume’s English podcast
E12 – interview with Chris from Canada
E11 – get fluent by interviewing
E10 – Poison Island – read out loud for libriVox (Transcript not finished yet)
E09 – less is more (full transcript available in Italian as well!)
E08 – librivox – free audio books (full transcript available)
E07 – audio drama for more fluency (full transcript available)
E06 – you should set smart goals
E05 – read out loud
E04 – go forward by making mistakes 2
E03 – go forward by making mistakes
E02 – shall I learn through TV Series or Movies?
E01 – learning through TV Series and Movies – Netflix
E00 – learning through TV Series and Movies

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5 fresh, dirty tips to boost your speaking skills
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–>FIRST EPISODE  my fluent podcast introduction – my speaking journey finally begins (April 2016)

ask me any language learning question – I will give you my advice, tips and tricks and will cover it on my fluent podcast show

Article 1 – Why podcasting in my target language boosted my self-confidence and English to the next level

Feel free to listen to one of my earlier episodes (a year ago) to compare and see if you can make out a difference in terms of my speaking skills. Did I improve?

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